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Week Beginning 16th January - Westmeston

Communication and Language – Speaking

Miss Edwards helped us to make a solar system out of balloons and papier mache planets, which we really enjoyed talking about as we papered and painted. Some of us enjoyed painting our

hands, the table and the floor instead. We even found painty footprints marching across the floor! We did learn about the names of the planets and also that there are mountains on the moon!

Still with the story of The Little Red Hen, the grains that we were trying to grind last week ended up over the floor as we made a beach complete with shells! We enjoyed helping to clear it up afterwards with brooms and dustpans and brushes.

Miss Vincent helped us to make some rather nice spoon puppet props to help us tell the story of The Little Red Hen which sent us running around the garden making up our own stories.

We also really enjoyed using a puppet theatre to make up little plays.

Conker Sheep came back from Alicante having spent time with Molly and Noah (and their Dad) and he enjoyed a spot of sunshine while we froze! Molly and Noah enjoyed showing us the special book at circle time. He has now gone home with Wilbur.

In the woods on Wednesday we looked at how animals communicated and we pretended to be

birds. We played a game which involved us being on the lookout for foxes. We talked to each other, learning how to raise the alarm if we saw a predator. We had a lot of fun wearing masks as we turned into foxes and owls, mice and rabbits. We ended our time on a thoughtful note, as usual, by leaving some food for the birds when we left.

We saw lots of ice and discovered that we would slip over if we ran on to it. We learned that we should tread very carefully.

On Thursday, we pretended that we were baby pterodactyls sleeping in a nest. Mrs Hilton became our pterodactyl Mummy and pretended to teach us to fly as we cawed to each other in pterodactyl language.

On Friday we made some yummy bread rolls that we took with us on our afternoon adventure. Up on the downs and then back through the woods. We marvelled at how frosty and magical it was up high and the mud was frozen. Miss Nagy came with us to play and we really enjoyed chatting to her.

Next week is Chinese New Year so we will be doing lots of activities around this special celebration. We are also covering the area of Physical Development – Moving and Handling.

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