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Week commencing 16th January 2017 - Lindfield.

Communication and Language – Speaking.

This week we focussed on the children’s language skills.

There was so much talk about this week as Jack Frost visited The Acorns every night leaving behind a crisp white frost for us to see each morning. We had lots of fun exploring the garden and finding little pots of ice and icy branches. We used describing words to explain how the ice and frost made us feel and we thought about ways in which we could keep ourselves warm.

There has been a carpenter working in the garden each day who we have really enjoyed watching. We talked about the tools that he has been using and we learnt the names of them. We played with our tool boxes indoors and mirrored what he was doing with his. We still can’t guess what he is building - “Maybe it’s a castle or a rocket.”

On walks, we searched for puddles to splash in. We found some giant ones! We love splashing in muddy puddles – It is so much fun. The water makes a great sound. “It’s sploshy and splashy.”

We have shared some lovely books this week and the children have been very imaginative whilst telling us stories. We had a very special visitor on Thursday.

The Librarian came to visit us with a huge bag of books. She read to us and we listened really well.

Some of the children shared stories about the books they have borrowed from the library in the past and others talked about favourite books from home. It was lovely to hear the children talk about the story books they enjoy at home as they recalled the story lines, characters and events.

The children have been singing lots this week too – simple songs and nursery rhymes. Do the children share Acorns songs at home with you? We would love to know if they have taught you any.

The mud kitchen has provided lots of opportunities for fun and exploration this week.

The children told me that frozen mud isn’t as much fun as soft mud but we did find out that in the afternoon, when the sun has come out and the frost has lifted that the mud becomes easier to dig and stir. The children said “The mud has melted.”

Next week our focus is Physical Development – Moving and Handling.

The letter of the week will be O.

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