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Week commencing 9th January 2017 – Lindfield.

This week our focus was Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

We were looking at how the children play within their existing friendship groups and how we can support them in extending these groups. Do they play co-operatively?

Can they offer cues for other children to join their activities?

We spent the beginning of the week playing lots of board games that children had brought in to share. It was lovely to see the children taking turns.

We played ring games in small and large and we picked partners for lots of things.

We made special cards and pictures to give to our friends. Spending lots of time writing little notes on them.

The traditional story we are looking at is 'The Little Red Hen' and in the story the hen makes some bread. The hens friends are not very helpful but they all want to eat the bread when its baked.

When we made bread with Mrs Irwin on Wednesday we were very helpful. We helped to mix, stir and knead the loafs.

We are so excited to take them home at the end of the day.

We went for a few walks this week, visiting the local parks and having lots of fun on the apparatus. We sometimes get dizzy as we spin round and round on the roundabout.

Some of the children enjoyed building this huge model with Duplo blocks. It took 2 days to complete.

These boys huddled together to share an activity - chatting and laughing amongst themselves.

Its all been about team work. Working together alongside our friends.

Its been an icy cold week and we even had some snow to play in which was delightful. The children were so excited to go out into the garden to explore the snow. We left footprints as we walked. It was amazing. We were hoping for more so we could build a snowman but it didn't come. Fingers crossed we will see some more before the winter has passed.

There is something quite exciting happening in the garden - Our Wendy house has gone and it looks like something new is being built. What could it be?

Next week – Communication and Language - Speaking.

We have pottery on Tuesday so don't forget your aprons :)


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