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Week Commencing 9th January - Westmeston

PSED – Making relationships

Brrrrr! It turned out to be a very chilly week indeed!

Our focus this week was “making relationships” under PSED and so we enjoyed playing with our usual friends and then doing activities with friends that we didn’t usually play with.

Some of us brought in games to play and we practised sharing and taking turns.

We took turns playing games on the lap top and helped each other out. We took turns playing games outside too!

We made friendship bread which was normal bread that we made into rolls that then grew

together and “made friends” as it rose and cooked.

Some of us made Friendship Bracelets.

The traditional story this week was the Little Red Hen. Related to this we were able to use a pestle and mortar to try and grind some cereal and grains just like the Little Red Hen did and found out

what hard work it was! We then took turns at looking at the grains under the microscope. Some of the bits were too thick so we ran around the garden looking for thin items like grass to look at! The microscope made the tiniest thing look very big and not at all like we expected.

During Forest School this week we all had a very careful turn at sawing our way through a small fallen tree that was blocking the path. We found out that those pesky Tree Pirates had been in our den but had left us treasure. We pretended to be squirrels as we played a game where we had to find our friends by smell! There was lots of free play and balancing on slippery logs, Miss Vincent managed to walk along one of them but we pushed Mrs Booth off!

Friday! Wow! Snow! Ice! We were all full of excitement as we arrived with tales of how we had been outside in our pyjamas playing in the snow! We explored blocks of ice, bashing, scraping and dropping them to release things that were frozen inside. Well wrapped up we headed up on the downs in the afternoon to find more snow. We had a lovely time, throwing snowballs and sliding down banks on our bottoms, our teachers did as well! It was well worth the incredibly muddy and slippery walk along the path that led us there!

Conker Sheep, our resident dragon, has started to go off on his travels. On Thursday, he went to Alicante with one of the Dads. We hope he had a lovely time and can’t wait to hear about it next week.

We have had a very busy week and can’t wait to see what next week will bring.

Our focus will be Communication and Literacy – speaking.

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