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Week Commencing 3rd January - Westmeston

Welcome back! We hope that you had a lovely Christmas!

We have all been talking about the wonderful presents we received from Father Christmas and the lovely times that we had over the holidays. There have been some Birthdays too!

It’s been very cold and we have had to wrap up warm as we have played in the frost and the rain this week!

On Wednesday a group of us headed off to the woods for an adventure! On the way we were lucky

enough to be able to watch a shepherd herding his sheep to another field using sheep dogs. We were amazed at how the dogs were able to control the sheep and get the flock through a gate into another field.

We saw lots of tracks in the mud and tried to follow them. We ended up making a “tree pirate” trap out of sticks and wool. We even tried to trap our teachers!

On Thursday, Mrs Irwin came to play with us. We enjoyed chatting to her and she joined us for a yummy roast dinner. We had lots of fun junk modelling. We made all sorts of things including an Animal Rescue Ship!

This week, we read many books. We liked one in particular called The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis. It told us very beautifully that we should leave wild creatures where we find them or they might become poorly. It inspired us to make our own bog babies out of pebbles and left us hoping to catch a glimpse of a real one in the woods!

On Friday, we were outside a lot and noticed that the daylight lasted a little bit longer. Earlier in the day while out and about we talked about compasses and maps. We were able to watch where the needle pointed and lined it up with the big letter N for North. We then worked out the other compass points and stood in a circle. One of us said that it was a bit like a clock – another circle! Talking of circles we discovered a circular hole in a tree that we are keeping an eye on. We think that the marks could have been made by a woodpecker or squirrels and we check inside every time that we pass by.

We rounded off the day and the week with Miss Edwards reading us Shark in the Park and Shark in the Dark by Nick Sharratt.

Overall, a very lovely first week back. Lots of us needed to be reminded to put our coats, hats and gloves tidily on our chairs when we take them off so that they don’t get lost. We also need to remember not to wear our very muddy wellies in the hall! Maybe you could help us to practise being tidy at home?

Happy New Year!

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