Week commencing 3rd January 2017 - Lindfield.

Welcome to the Spring Term.

The children have been excited to tell us all of their Christmas stories and about what Father Christmas brought for them. It sounds like everyone had a very good time over the break.

We have so many exciting things planned for this term. Please remember to check our planning sheet so you know what our focus is each week.

We welcomed some new children into our group and together we explored both indoors and out, finding some new toys and equipment to enjoy.

As all of the children’s art work was sent home last term we have been busy making wonderful new pictures to display around the nursery. We did painting, printing and sticking pictures.

We made chocolate chip shortbread on Wednesday, carefully weighing out the ingredients. We all got to take some home to share.

On Thursday we used yoghurt pots, tubs, boxes and kitchen roll tubes to create amazing models. “It’s a space rocket.” “It’s a sea monster.” “This is a car that has turbo wheels.”

On Friday we spent lots of time in the garden, it was a frosty morning and we found a block of ice that looked like a pussy cat and a block that was in the shape of a rainbow. It was so cold we had to wear gloves to keep our hands warm.

The children were so excited to find the new mud kitchen hidden behind the trees. We dined on a delicious meal of mud pies, mud cake, mud soup, mud pasta and mud custard – Yummy!

Next Week – Personal, Social and Emotional Development – Making Relationships.

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