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Week Beginning 12th December - Westmeston

Christmas Fun Week!

So, here we are, Christmas! We all made the most of the non-uniform opportunity this week and we looked amazing!

Here are just some of the other things that we did:-

We have iced Christmassy biscuits and we have made shining star biscuits with melted boiled sweets in the middle. We have been finishing off our Christmas crafts.

We tried to wrap Miss Edwards up in wrapping paper but she kept wriggling so we had to let her go!

Mrs Hilton helped us to write letters to Father Christmas if we hadn’t done so already and we took those home with us to leave out on Christmas Eve.

On Wednesday we all walked on the path along the road to visit the Westmeston Church. It was a beautiful sunny day. We walked quietly past the gravestones in the churchyard and all managed to sit in the porch for a photo opportunity. We sat in the pews in the church and admired the stained

glass windows and the Nativity Scene. We then sang two of our favourite songs – Away in a Manger and Baby Jesus was Born Today. It was lovely. Some of us put some money in the collection box called an Alms Box. Mrs Butcher signed the visitor’s log and we all agreed that the Christmas tree looked amazing! Many thanks to the Church management for putting the lights on for us.

On Friday we had a party. Wow, what fun! Miss Vincent and Miss Nagy did some amazing face

painting. We were Spider Men and Women, Hello Kitty, scary clowns and much more! Mrs Wigmore set out an amazing party tea. We played pass the parcel and made special magical reindeer food to sprinkle onto our lawns on Christmas Eve. We enjoyed making up Christmassy versions of games and we turned Farmer’s in his Den into Father Christmas is in his Grotto! During the party we discovered that Father Christmas had actually passed by and had left loads of presents outside in the porch! We ended with a rather boisterous game of musical chairs in

which we never did find out who the winner was. Never mind, we all had so much fun, it really didn’t matter! Our teachers were very touched by the gifts and cards received from home and would like to thank everyone for their thoughtfulness.

Happy Christmas everyone from all of us. We’ll see you next year in 2017!

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