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Week commencing 12th December 2016 - Lindfield.

It was cold and wet on Monday morning but that didn’t stop the children from heading out on a lovely long walk. They wrapped up in warm coats and hats and set off to explore, searching for puddles to splash in along the way.

The children who stayed in baked biscuits and joined in with craft activities.

On Tuesday the children spent the day doing more Christmas crafts and baking. They sang lots of Christmas songs and told each other about their Christmas trees at home.

On Wednesday we had a special delivery –a huge handmade wooden storage box in the shape of a fire engine and a wonderful handmade mud kitchen. The Children were so excited to see the new items and parents are welcome to come and take a look too. What wonderful additions to our beautiful garden – we are very lucky. Thank You Mrs Irwin.

On Thursday, half of the children went out for a walk with Miss Nagy and Miss Edwards while the others stayed at The Acorns to finish off Christmas activities like card making and calendars. We had fun in the garden in the afternoon exploring our new equipment, because many of Thursday’s children didn’t see it being delivered it was extra exciting to go out and discover the new things.

Friday – We had lots of fun playing in the garden in the morning, the grass was wet and slippery so we had bikes and trikes out on the path and played on the pirate ship. The children enjoyed having small pots of water and paint brushes and they used them to paint their bikes.

Friday was also party day!! The children had the best time – they sang Christmas songs, played pass the parcel, danced and ate yummy Christmas treats. We had a very special visitor, we didn’t see him but we heard his jingle bells and he left each child a gift. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for a happy and healthy New Year.


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