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Week Commencing 5th December - Westmeston


We had a lovely surprise this week when we discovered that the Christmas tree had been put up in the hall.

This week we have been writing cards and posting letters in our role play area. We have been practising writing our names on labels too.

On Tuesday we made jam tarts that didn’t quite end up looking like jam tarts. We love to experiment when we are cooking!

We performed in the Christmas Concert on Wednesday and Thursday. It was very exciting! We wore Christmassy costumes and sang and danced to our friends and families in the audience. Some of us preferred to stay with the audience but whatever we did, we were very proud of the way in which we remembered the words and actions. All of our friends and teachers came over from Lindfield to join us.

We made the birds Christmas decorations on Friday with lard and yummy seeds. We mixed it

together and pressed it into the pine cones that we had collected from our walks. Hung with string they will look lovely in the garden as well as giving the birds a much needed treat. We talked about the fact that birds and other animals might find it hard to find food in the winter and wondered what they could find to eat. Thankfully we agreed that we couldn’t put worms on to the pinecone bird feeders! We took some of the seeds with us on the walk and looked for special places to put them where we thought there might be hungry birds and animals.

We have helped to make one of our yummy lunches by peeling carrots and potatoes. We had to be very careful and listen to how we had to hold the peeler.

On Friday we walked along the drive and played monsters! We then spent a long time looking at the sheep in the field next to us who appeared to be watching what we were doing! We learned that they were lady sheep called ewes and that they would probably have babies called lambs in the spring. We can’t wait to see them. We then took a vote as to whether we went on to the woods or went back to the Hall. The majority said that we went back to the Hall and so we had spooky torch lit stories under a tree after a warming hot chocolate.

We’ll see you next week and we are all looking forward to the Christmas Party!

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