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Week commencing 5th December 2016 - Lindfield.

Literacy – Writing.

We started the week with a walk into the village, stopping to feed the ducks on the way to the park. The children really enjoyed the walk, especially like spending some time in the park. Jack Frost had visited during the night and everything was covered in a pretty white frost. It was chilly but they were offered hot chocolate at snack time which kept them nice and warm.

The children have been busy with Christmas crafts and have made some lovely things which will be ready to go home next week in their art folders.

They have spent time in the garden each day and have been hunting for ice most days. The weather has been mostly mild so sadly there was not much to be found. We wonder if we will have any snow this year?

This week has mostly centred around the Christmas concerts which took place on Wednesday and Thursday at Westmeston. The children did lots of practising early in the week and performed beautifully for their families and loved ones. It was a festive affair with fabulous Christmas costumes and mince pies for afterwards. Well done to the children!

I think we would all agree that they did amazingly well.

On Friday we continued with our craft activities, did some baking and spent some time in the garden.

During the week the children have been mark making and writing each day. Mark making can be done in many ways, it doesn’t have to be with pens and paper.

Ideas to try at home –

Salt tray.

Shaving foam on the table.

Water and a paint brush on a dry slab outdoors.

A stick in the mud.

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