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Week commencing 28th November 2016 - Lindfield.

On Monday, half of the children went out for a lovely long walk, they walked into the village and then onto the park. Whilst walking they looked in shop windows, said hello to the ducks that were swimming in the pond and greeted everyone they saw with a polite “Good Morning.”

Fish was on the menu for lunch and Mrs Irwin spent some time showing us whole fish. We looked at mackerel and trout. We looked at the eyes, fins and tails. The children were intrigued and asked many questions. “Where does it live?” “Is it slimy?” “Can we eat it?”

This week we explored lots of small world activities and enjoyed the farm set, train set and dolls house.

We did some baking this week and made yummy chocolate brownies. We had to measure the ingredients carefully and listen carefully to instructions. We each got to take a brownie home.

We have been super busy doing Christmas activities, arts and crafts and practising for our concert which is next week.

The children are very excited about the concert and have been working hard to learn all of the songs. We have had the musical instruments out each day and have especially enjoyed the bells.

We have been lucky this week with the weather, it’s been cold and fresh but dry which has been fabulous as we have spent lots of time in the garden. The teachers had left out some water pots and they had all turned to ice. We were so excited to find the pots and tried hard to melt the ice. When the ice melted, it turned back into water!!

We have been decorating the nursery school and the children have enjoyed telling us about decorations they have at home.

Perhaps they could bring in a photo of their Christmas tree to share?

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