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Week Commencing 28th November 2016 - Westmeston

This week it has been like Winter with beautiful blue skies and sparkly white frost.

We have had plenty of opportunities to look at ice. We have been making our own ice it by leaving

containers full of water outside overnight. We have been smashing it, crunching it, looking through it and some of us tried to eat it! Yukky! We talked about how ice and frost is formed and what happens when it gets warm. We did experiments by leaving blocks of ice hanging outside.

We went for a wonderful bracing walk on Wednesday up on to the downs. The ground was rock solid, there were patches of sparkly frost in the shadows and the views were fantastic. We saw aeroplanes on the horizon where the land ended and eagles, pterodactyls and dragons in the sky! On the ground we saw holes in the ground and we tried to guess what might live in them. Frozen droppings gave us a clue. Morgan suggested that one hole might be inhabited by a fairy which he identified by droppings! We saw cows and sheep. We heard seagulls and woodpeckers. We collected tiny pine cones and saw lots of bright red berries. We had to walk very carefully because the ground was so hard and slippery.

All week we have been looking at stories from around the world. We listened to the story of the Nutcracker and tried dancing like a Sugar Plum Fairy. We listened to the story of Babushka. We listened to a lot of classical music this week. Some of it was very soothing while some of it made us want to dance.

We have been so busy making Christmas decorations. We’ve made cards, calendars and Christmas goodies.

On Friday we enjoyed having Miss Nagy and Mr R to play with. We went up on the downs again.

This time there was no frost just lots of mud. It made our boots very heavy. We made wishes as we blew bubbles down the hillside and watched them blow away on the breeze. Fabian wished for a cow to ride his scooter, some of our wishes were secret. We returned as it was getting dark for hot chocolate under the trees.

We’re looking forward to the Christmas concert and we can’t wait to show you how hard we’ve been practising!

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