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Week Commencing 21st November 2016 - Westmeston

Look, the trees are moving!

Physical Development – Health and Self Care

We had lots of practise this week at putting on our coats and doing up zips and buttons. Some of us put our wellies and shoes on the wrong feet and some of us forgot to put them on at altogether and got soggy socks! We talked about going to the dentist and drinking water as a way to keep healthy. We ate lots of fruit this week.

Every day we cooked. On Monday we made currant buns. On Tuesday and Wednesday we made jam tarts with lovely shortcrust pastry that Mrs Irwin made for us. On Thursday we made gingerbread men and on Friday we made jammy dodgers. All of these were of course, extremely healthy!

Outside, we ran around and scooted on our scooters. Still talking about the traditional story of the Gingerbread Man we ran like gingerbread men and looked for gingerbread men footprints in the mud. We saw horse, welly and deer prints. We thought we could see monster prints and Morgan said that he saw a cow print in a tree!

We did experiments and found out that gingerbread men really shouldn't be put in water because they dissolve. No wonder, in the traditional story,the Gingerbread Man has to use a fox to cross the river.

In the woods we used fallen branches to try and make a den. We had to be careful that we didn’t get prickled by brambles or knock each other with the sticks. We enjoyed playing in the den that we made. On another afternoon in the woods, we climbed over and through branches. We were having such fun that we didn’t want to go home but the sun was setting and it was getting dark! We found the most amazing mud on the way back and discovered that if we crawled out we wouldn't lose our wellies!

This week, we have started to make Christmas decorations as well as rehearsing the Christmas CD ready for the concert! We are getting very good at it! It’s not long now!

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