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Week commencing 21st November 2016 - Lindfield.

Physical Development – Health and Self-Care

We have had a great week learning how to keep ourselves healthy.

We know to wash our hands using lots of bubbly soap to get rid of the germs that could give us poorly tummies.

Miss Cheyne taught us a hand washing song. Can we sing it to you?

We have been helping to prepare our own healthy snacks each day, cutting up soft fruit and spreading our own crackers. We have really enjoyed doing this and would love to help at home. We can pour our own drinks from a jug.

We danced to the Christmas Concert music CD which was great exercise and we played outdoors in the fresh air. Some children have been for nice long walks and others have enjoyed lots of garden time. The weather has been cold, rainy, windy and sunny this week.

We need to make sure we all bring hats and gloves to keep warm whilst outside.

We have been practising outing on our own shoes, boots and coats.

Buttons and Zips can be tricky, but with a little bit of support we can do it.

On Tuesday we had a pottery session with Jane. The clay was so cold - we had to warm it up by rolling it in our hands. We made Christmas decorations.

Jane has taken them home to put them into the kiln, she will bring them back soon.

We made play dough too, it smells wonderful. We added cinnamon and nutmeg to it.

We have started our Christmas crafts – but we can’t tell you too much detail as we don’t want to ruin the surprise. Next week we will be starting to display our festive art work around the nursery.

Parents night was a success – Thank you to those of you who came along to chat to your child’s key person.

Lots of parents were interested in looking at the Early Years Foundation Stage. There is a guide on-line for parents and if you have any questions Miss Cheyne will be happy to help.

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