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Week Commencing 14th November 2016 - Westmeston

Literacy – Reading

We had all sorts of weather this week! It was very chilly at times with a little bit of rain! This week we read The Gingerbread Man. We acted out the story and did lots of running like gingerbread men when we were outside. This inspired our role play as well as we baked imaginary gingerbread and pretended to be the animals.

We brought in special books that we enjoy reading at home. Some of us were very proud to bring in our Nursery Books and we told our friends at Circle Time all about the photos and pictures inside them.

We’ve played hide and seek, what’s the time Mr Wolf and we have done lots of exploring. Our teachers needed some help to tidy up the garden and so we used secateurs to cut down the old raspberry canes. We were very careful when using the tools and listened very carefully to instructions that would keep us safe.

We have been finding lots of toadstools that we mustn’t touch. We have noticed how differently the leaves sound now when we walk on them because of the rain. They squelch instead of rustle!

On Friday we made bracelets from elder beads which had been cut from elder twigs. We had to push the pith out of the middle of the bead with a tent peg and thread them onto twine. We counted out how many beads we wanted, the more beads we had, the bigger the bracelets. It was very fiddly and some of us needed a little help!

At the end of the week, when we came back from our last walk it was almost dark so we had stories and a lovely warm hot chocolate before practising the Christmas CD

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