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Week commencing 14th November 2016 - Lindfield.

Literacy – Reading.

What a wonderful week, it’s been so busy here at The Acorns.

On Monday the children enjoyed a lovely long walk, they used leaves and twigs to make letters on the ground. They looked all around for letters that they could recognise and read lots of signs on the way to the park.

On Tuesday morning we all enjoyed a pottery session with Jane, we made little robins and painted red breasts on our models. Jane told us to look out for real robins in our gardens and whilst out on walks. They are easy to spot because they have a bright red patch on their chest.

We painted some great pictures, using a tray and a rolling conker. They are hanging up in the kitchen so everyone can see them.

On Wednesday lots of children brought in books to share, we spent lots of time reading amazing stories. There was a book that was all about helicopters – it was fabulous and we learnt lots. Did you know that there is a type of helicopter with 2 rotor blades called a Chinook?

We enjoyed arts and crafts and lots of garden time.

On Thursday we enjoyed a cooking activity with Mrs Irwin. We made bread and butter pudding. We loved the smell of cinnamon and the pudding was yummy! We enjoyed time in the garden and some children went out for a walk - they got caught in the rain and had to shelter under a canopy for a while.

On Friday we made craft collage pictures, read lots of stories and played fun games.

The children enjoyed singing the songs from the Christmas CD and are learning the words for the concert. Please remember to name your children’s shoes and boots and to take them home at the end of each day.

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