Week Commencing 7th November - Westmeston

PSED – Managing Feelings and Behaviour

We were all very excited this week with lots of stories about fireworks and bonfires. Some of us said we were a bit worried about the loud bangs though.

On Monday we all helped our teachers to sweep the entrance to the car park because the leaves

were so slippery and we played hide and seek among the piles of leaves that this created. It was great fun jumping into the piles of leaves and we disappeared from view at times! It made a change from mud!

All of this week we painted poppy pictures and made poppies to wear and we talked about remembering all of the men and women who lost their lives in wars. Some of us understood more than others but it gave us a good reason to talk about our feelings and to think about other

people. We read out a special poem that Mrs Irwin wrote and held a half minute of silence under the trees in the log circle on Friday. It was quite moving! Some of us brought in special toys that made us feel happy and remembered times when we were good with lovely photos that we all enjoyed sharing.

Friday was such a beautiful day and we laid under a tree

looking up at the blue, blue sky. We saw aeroplanes and birds. We heard birds and crunchy leaves. We felt so calm and relaxed! Later on we were very excited to have indoor fireworks. We gathered at a safe distance to watch on a bench and Mrs Booth lit the fuse! Wow! We were expecting a “bang” but it went “pop” instead! It didn’t frighten us but it made us laugh!

We have been feeling very Christmassy and we have been practising the Christmas CD so that we are ready for the concert.

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