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Week commencing 7th November 2016 - Lindfield.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

WOW! The weather has turned frosty and cold but it hasn’t stopped us from having lots of fun at The Acorns.

On Monday some of the children went out for a walk whilst others stayed in for a craft session. The children who went out had to wrap up in warm coats and hats as it was frosty and cold. They went on a search for poppies and found lots on the houses and cars and nearly everyone who walked past was wearing one too. The children who stayed in made some beautiful poppy pictures which are on display in the kitchen. Many of the children knew the reason we wear poppies. One child said, “We wear them to remember all of the brave people.”

On Tuesday we had a football session with Little Kickers. Coach Hayden was lots of fun and he played some fabulous games with us, teaching us how to kick and control a football.

On Wednesday afternoon we went to a music concert in the church, we sat beautifully as the quartet play. During a dramatic piece of music one child said, “Ooh, it’s like a storm.” The children were asked to come onto the stage at the end and everyone applauded them for listening so well.

On Thursday we played with play dough, dolls, shapes, the picnic set, stencils and pencils. Some of the children went out for a walk while others went into the garden. The children enjoyed playing on the pirate ship and with balls. We paired up and played ‘throw and catch.’ It was so much fun.

On Friday we did lots of painting and craft activities, we practised writing our names and played with train sets, puzzles, blocks and the picnic set. We watched a few minutes of the poppy service on the television. We saw lots of soldiers wearing shiny medals and school children wearing poppies. We saw Big Ben which is in London. Afterwards, some of the children spoke about when they visited London. We tried really hard to stay quiet, it was quite tricky! We played in the garden too and enjoyed a dry, sunny but chilly day.

Don’t forget to see your child’s key person to sign up for parent’s night on the 24th November.

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