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Week commencing 31st October 2016 - Westmeston.

Communication and Language - Understanding.

We hope that you had a lovely half term.

This week was of course, Halloween Week and there was a spot of pumpkin carving going on at Westmeston.

We are keeping the seeds for planting in our garden next year and to use in craft activities. We were lucky with the weather, starting off with a spooky fog that turned into frost as the week went on. We had clouds and bright sunshine and we definitely needed our coats and hats on to keep us warm. By the end of the week of course – torrential rain!

The leaves at Westmeston are amazing. They were falling from the trees like golden rain as we played and they covered up our spades! We tried to bury each other and our teachers.

The traditional story of Snow White inspired us to make magical mirrors and wonder about the strange things that we might find in the woods! We read the story of “Leaf Man” and some of us made leaf insects and our own leaf man. We looked for leaf man when we were outside and on our walks. He was everywhere!

We did a lot of listening and following of instructions. We learned how to make bubbles with whisks. We reinforced our knowledge of how to cross roads safely on the walk. It was a bit harder to listen with our hoods up!

We are looking forward to Bonfire Night and know that we have to be very careful. We painted pictures of fireworks and used plenty of glitter.

On Friday a mature student came to play with us in the rain. He was great fun. We made toffee apples and saw that the sugar and water turned into toffee. We followed instructions when we were told to stand well back because the syrup was very hot.

On Friday’s walk we got very wet. Even though nearly all of us had wet weathers on (and our teachers) we still got soaked! There were so many puddles. We noticed that the puddles were a lot bigger on the way back because of the rain. We soon got warm and toasty and played with torches and listened to stories back at the hall!

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