Week commencing 31.10.16 - Lindfield.

Communication and Language – Understanding. The week started with lots of stories about the adventures that the children have been on during half term.

Monday - Some of the children went for a lovely walk. They had lots of fun making shadows on the ground. They made Halloween ghosts to hang from the trees outside.

The other children had a craft morning, making their own ghosts and pumpkin pictures. We carved a pumpkin, saving all the seeds for craft activities later. It was quite slimy!

Tuesday - We visited the conker tree again, but sadly there wasn’t many conkers left for us to collect. We did manage to find some pretty leaves. We played ring games, carefully listening to and following the instructions.

Wednesday - We made some amazing firework paintings, they were so beautiful that Miss Cheyne has put them up on the wall for everyone to see. We baked some Irish bread; we had to listen carefully to Mrs Davies as she read the recipe. We played lots of board games and had to pay attention as we learned about the rules of each game. The pirate ship was being repaired today and it was quite exciting to watch the man using all his special tools. We watched from the window as he used hammers, drills, saws and grinders. When he used the grinder it made lots of tiny little sparks that looked a little bit like fireworks.

Thursday - The children chose between going for a walk and staying indoors to do some firework crafts. We played with large cardboard boxes and made them into rockets, ships, cars and trains. We drew, did puzzles, read stories, sang songs and had all sorts of fun.

Friday - We started the day with a walk to the village. We went as one big group and all held onto the rope that gave us magic listening powers. On our walk we saw lots of great things - crunchy leaves, squirrels, numbers and letters on cars and houses, flowers and plants. We walked past the allotments and saw rhubarb plants and leeks growing. We have been learning to say a polite, “Good Morning," to people as we walk past them. Lots of people chatted to us on our way.

Next week we will be looking at Personal, Social and Emotional Development and how we manage our feelings and behaviour.

Don't forget to order your tea towels and to purchase a Christmas CD.


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