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Week Commencing 17th October - Westmeston

Maths - Numbers

This week we have great fun in our role play Garden Centre. We have been sorting out the money we need to buy seeds and bulbs. We have been counting acorns and conkers. We enjoyed reading Jack and the Beanstalk and that inspired several activities to do with growing and gardening.

We have started to make use of the garden at the back of the hall and we have already planted some pots with the daffodil bulbs we were selling in our Garden Centre.

We looked at runner bean seeds (just like Jack’s) that we planted in a plastic container so that we could see their roots. They were growing very fast. We made our own runner beans and numbered the leaves.

We planted mustard seeds on wet kitchen towel in the shape of our special numbers, either 2, 3 or 4 and took them home to watch them grow.

We have been learning how to use gardening tools safely.

On Friday we had our pre Halloween Party – what fun! We enjoyed dressing up, our teachers did too! We made scary treats for our lunch. Mrs Vincent made up some scary feely boxes with creepy contents that not all of us were brave enough to put our hands into! We looked at a special machine that made fog! We had a lovely walk with lots of free play and rounded off the afternoon by eating even more of our scary treats and a story! All in all we had a lovely time.

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