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Week commencing 17th October 2016 - Lindfield

Mathematics – Number This week we have been looking at numbers.

When out on walks we have been searching for numerals – we found lots.

We looked at house numbers and the numbers on car registration plates.

We went to the bakery and used money to buy some bread. The money we used had a number 5 on it. We have been learning to recognise our age in numbers and have made some amazing number collages. We did puzzles with numbers on them, played with numbered blocks and bean bags and even read stories about numbers. We did lots of counting too and also sang songs with numbers. We have also been making some spooky Halloween pumpkin pictures. We used an apple to print the pumpkin shape, added googly eyes and a toothy smile. They are hanging up on the wall so everyone can see them.

We made the most of the leaves that have fallen and made some leave collages too – the leaves are dry and crunchy and it was good fun crumpling and scrunching them.

We have still been collecting conkers and acorns.

We have HUGE pot of them.

They are all different sizes so we have sorted them into groups of small, medium and large.

Have a happy half-term everyone, we look forward to hearing about all of the adventures you have been on.

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