Week Commencing 10th October - Westmeston

Yet another amazingly dry week! It has definitely turned a little bit chillier though and we are having to put our coats on now when we go outside to play. The leaves are falling off of the trees thick and fast and we are using up lots of energy trying to catch them.

With the focus this week of Expressive Art and Design – Media and Material we have been so creative!

Noticing patterns in the natural world we were amazed by the size, colours and shapes of the

leaves. We have also been very creative with the many conkers that we are still collecting. We have been painting with them and Teddy wanted to make pirates out of conkers – so we did with the help of a palm drill, string and double sided tape. We found many sticks in the shape of letters – particularly “F” and we discovered many Stick Men as well, all needing conker heads!

We have made salt dough, play dough and got a tiny bit messy with flour outside. Some of us looked rather dusty!

We have had water play which turned into mud play.

While we were out and about we noticed spider webs and we marvelled at how beautiful they were. We tried to make our own spider webs with icing on biscuits, complete with a spider and in a big group activity we made a large web with a ball of string.

We also helped to make an experimental stringy, gloopy ball which our teachers helped us to put in to a tree. We cut it with scissors as it slowly dripped. It looked a bit like a fungus!

During the week we have been listening to pan pipes and playing on the instruments that we and our teachers have brought in to share.

We have had such a wonderful week, we can’t wait for next week which focusses on Maths - Numbers. We are rounding off the last week of term with a pre Halloween Party for the Friday Westmeston Children!

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