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Week commencing 10th October 2016 - Lindfield.

Expressive Arts and Design – Media and Materials. On Monday we went out to visit a local garden. Each year the home owner invites us to collect the conkers that have fallen from his tree. We managed to fill up our basket with lots of shiny and smooth conkers. We used them for lots of things throughout the week. We counted them, sorted them by size and drew little faces on them.

Each day, we went on a spider web hunt. We searched the parks and our garden trying to find beautiful webs. We even tried to make our own web by standing in a circle and throwing a ball of string to each other.

Some children brought in ‘junk’ from home which we have used to make some fabulous models which we then painted using our favourite colours.

On Wednesday we went to a concert at the church. There was a lady playing a harp. It was a very beautiful instrument and we thought it looked like she was tickling the strings with her fingers. We don’t have a harp at The Acorns but we do have a huge box of other instruments. We have had them out all week and have enjoyed exploring the sounds they can make. Some children brought in instruments from home to share.

We did lots of exploring, both indoors and out - We experimented with ice blocks and worked out how to melt the ice to free the dinosaurs that were frozen inside.

We made dens and camps under the pirate ship and we rode on scooters in the garden.

The last few apples have fallen from the tree this week and we are looking forward to making some crumbles for pudding next week.

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