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Week commencing 26th September 2016 - Lindfield

Physical Development – Moving and Handling.


The week started off with a lovely walk to the local nature reserve. The children collected lots of treasures like leaves, acorns and shiny conkers. They looked carefully at the trees, noticing both the colour changes and that some of the leaves were beginning to fall.

We have done lots of baking. We made an apple cake using apples from our garden, some cupcakes and a lovely lemon drizzle cake. We measured the ingredients using scales and tried hard to crack the eggs into a big bowl but as you can see from the picture – some egg ended up on the floor and table. It was really slimy and we enjoyed sticking our fingers into it. The children brought in music CD’s to share for Show & Tell - We have done lots of fabulous dancing following the instructions of the music. We have been sewing, threading beads and doing lots of work with pegs. We made hand prints, made bunny ears, drew pictures and made snips in paper using scissors. We built with blocks, magnets and duplo. We have played in the garden lots too – the train we made last week has taken us on many journeys. We even found some mini beasts hiding under a big pot.

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